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We have been counselling students for educational opportunities in foreign countries.

Would you feel safe undergoing a surgery by a surgeon that’s uncertified? Probably not. An equivalent thing applies to your immigration process. You want to feel at ease knowing your Visa application is in the right hands.

Immigrating to a new country is a complex process with a lot of paperwork, form submissions and tight deadlines. A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) takes care of those on your behalf, and makes your Visa application easier than attempting it alone.

Authorized consultants can get your application submitted accurately, ensuring that your application is fully optimized so as you stand a far better chance at success.

Each RCIC has experience handling the Canadian immigration process. They handle immigration matters both ethically and professionally, and can explain everything regarding your application process.


Since 1980 we have
branches all over world

With many Visa options available, an RCIC can offer you personalized assistance by mapping out the best immigration option for you, supporting your personal objectives. Once an RCIC has submitted your application, you’ll be updated on your application status by your consultant, who is going to be there throughout the whole process.

If your mother tongue is not English, it’ll be to your benefit to work with an RCIC to assist you understand certain clauses and policies. An RCIC can assist you with information about language tests, employment applications and submission of all the relevant documents needed for your application.

Mana Immigration has a strong team of consultants and lawyers who are all members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (CCRC).

When you choose Mana Immigration Services you are assured utmost confidentiality and an uncommon level of personalized service. Our regulated consultants and lawyers work directly with you at every stage and are always available for telephone consultations.

Why Mana Immigration

Having gone through the process of immigration themselves, the consultants at Mana Immigration are Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Certified, Business Advisors and Educational Experts.  MANA Immigration offers specially tailored services for those who are planning to move to Canada (temporarily or permanently) based upon their own unique situations and requirements.

Over time, and due to the changing nature of migration, our primary focus has shifted accordingly to address a higher demand for migration (temporary or permanent) based on education, training, and business needs. 

Our qualified team of experts has been carefully selected.  They work tirelessly and professionally based on our four core values, those being: Respect, Integrity, Law Abidance and Professionalism. 

Also, in line with our basic business values, we always focus on each individual case as significant and unique!  This ensures that we are able to give sufficient and proper focus to all of our customer’s needs and details in order to present them in the most professional manner to the relevant departments.

We can help you become a Permanent Resident of Canada through any number of Canada Immigration and Provincial Immigration Programs. Let us help you to discover your full potential!  We can empower you with the essential tools to make your dreams a reality.

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